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Create a major marketing impact using your brand

We help independent professionals create, refresh and expand their brand so you will look professional and make more money.

You Need The Right Branding Campaign For Your Business

HoopJumper has some branding campaigns right up on its sleeves. The personal brochure allows you to customize branding pieces to suit your needs. It adds that ‘Personal Touch’ from your Brand Story to characterize you professionally. Having that standout brand allows the public to engage and look at your services.

Why Choose HoopJumper Personal Branding Package

It is much easier to choose a branding package that says who you are personally and professionally. What you do next will identify your market interest as you progress into choosing HoopJumper’s Personal Branding Package. We said that because while many other products sell you an entirely different package, we are committed to finding solutions for your brand. We will supply whatever your business needs. Moreover, we are hands-on to your branding necessities.

HoopJumper Personal Branding Packages

1. Elite – we conduct quality interviews to know you and your brand deeper. Then one of our expert wordsmiths will highlight and weave your brand’s story that is worth sharing. This Brand Story is the ‘personal touch’ that shows your authenticity, leading your potential leads to trust you and your brand.

2. Professional Logo Design – our amazing Art Department selects the best feature, coming up with a personal unique logo for your narrative. This not only encapsulates your professional accolades and awards but also captures your individual style. This unique logo is created for you alone.

3. Personal Brochure – your professional brand story plus your unique high-quality logo and campaigns give you a Personal Branding Brochure Touch. It is a printed piece out of quality materials with quality content made just for you.

4. Personal Identity Package – as generous as our designs, we will be tying up this personal branding package with a co-branded Business Card with your brand name and logo.

HoopJumper’s Personal Branding Package Best Features

  • Accessibility – digitized campaign brochures, for example, are absolutely handy as they can be updated real-time. It’s a great ease and convenience for you to have access to what’s Trending Now.
  • Ready-made Templates – our personal branding package has multiple products with several sub-categories that supplies ready-made packages, such as brochures and business cards.
  • High-quality User Experience – virtual images or photos with high-quality pixels lets your package create eye-catching detailed designs.
  • CTA Button Ready – requesting quotes, schedule appointments and submitting emails for your services and products are made easier because of these CTA buttons placed strategically in your branding package.

Be Wise!

Make sure to get HoopJumper’s Personal Branding Packages that make a major marketing impact. We guarantee your ‘brand story’ travels everywhere. This is your visual engagement with your client that creates great trustworthiness and effectiveness. Your next market endeavors a much larger prospect with this stunning campaign materials.

Since we don’t want you to miss this amazing opportunity, our experts are ready to work with you. Though we have very limited slots, we will brush off any time, and we want to schedule your appointment now for a free marketing consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Personal Branding and what are the benefits of personal branding?

Personal branding is about deciding to take an active role in the direction of your life. You benefit from creating a personal brand because it allows you to self-manage your life and stop depending on others to do it for you. Your brand helps you make the most of what you’ve got to offer.

Who needs a Personal Brand and why do we need it?

Everyone needs a Personal Brand, whether you’re a small business owner, independent professional, or a real estate agent. You need personal branding to establish your name recognition across different social platforms. This helps you become more visible online.  It also helps people to find you and allows you to build relationships with your target audience.

Where did Personal Branding come from?

Personal branding, self-positioning, and all individual branding by whatever name, were first introduced in 1937 in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

What steps should I take to start building my brand?

Creating a powerful personal brand usually takes a few steps starting with crafting your brand vision, what do you want to achieve, defining your target audience, up to building your social media presence. And by contacting HoopJumper, we will help you streamline all the necessary steps to build a consistent and memorable personal brand.

How long does it take to build a brand?

Building a brand starts now, and it usually takes about 30 days to complete a personal brand.

Who should build a personal brand?

 When building a personal brand, you need HoopJumper’s expertise on branding. We are a trusted digital marketing company that provides more than website and video services but also branding packages. We have helped thousands of businesses, independent professionals, and real estate agents build a strong personal brand for them. Our Branding Package includes personal logo design, brochure, and postcards, flyers, etc.

Do I need a logo to build a brand?

Yes, we highly recommend building a logo for your brand as this will be your brand’s face, a symbol of your product or services, and identification of your personality and passion. This will help people recognize your products and services, which also triggers a positive recall of your brand.

Should I focus on becoming more successful/accomplished/skilled, and then start building my brand?

 We recommend that you start building your brand first because you can develop a powerful branding message that people can associate with your business. It also helps you understand the market and focus on your target customers. This way your passion for what you are doing resonates with the product and services you want to bring to the public, thus helping you and your business become more successful.

Will I need to register my brand name as a trademark - and what would it cost?

Although it is not required, we highly suggest that you register your brand name as a trademark to prevent others from exploiting your brand. This gives you the exclusive rights and protections of your business’s brand identity in the market.

What do you focus on for the development of your brand?

HoopJumper focuses on delivering a well-branded business personality so that your audience can identify your product or services. This helps you send the purpose, encapsulates the brand and the benefits you can bring to your target customer. Our services offer state-of-the-art website designs and logos, trending social media marketing, video services, and many more to help increase your brand’s awareness and productivity.

How can I make my brand stand out?

Ask yourself, ‘What’s different, relevant, and special about my product or service?’ Find the gap in the current market that is not associated with your competitors or anyone else. Create a brand message that identifies your values, passion, and goals, then build a brand that will benefit the public.

How much is my brand worth?

There are different ways to determine your brand’s worth. Depending on your business valuation, your brand’s worth may be determined by your business success. We suggest doing business research about your brand’s current and future value.